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"Knowing how your brain works gives you the power to own your life. The scientists know it, the wealthy do it and my aim is to show you how to do it" Susan 

Interview with JEWEL and Charlie Sheen: A Reflection from Susan

Who is Susan Sheehan?  

Susan is an International Speaker, Wellness and Executive Coach for Business/Career Success
(25 years) and BRAIN training authority. She is managing partner of SC7 International, best-selling Author and Mum. Susan has operated businesses in Australia and USA and has studied in NZ, Australia and USA, interviewed celebrities and worked with the leaders in the world in personal and business development. Applying the steely focus she has become known for, Susan is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience to help others live healthy, rich lives.  

Susan's story is a testament to her courage and commitment to be the best.. She says that the one message she wants to share is, success is the process of continually growing and improving oneself and it starts with overcoming doubts, fears, anxiety, procrastination, and as a result of quality thinking and intended action and, it can all be learned.  
 Susan the Speaker

Susan prides herself in working with integrity, flexibility and excellence. She is passionate about adding value to you and your clients, she will work with you to create an event, seminar or conference that is fun, interactive and outcome focused. She connects emotionally with her audience and whether, it be a room, or an auditorium Susan will help you make your event, conference or seminar one people will remember. Susan offers 5-minute energy bursts throughout your event: helps to keep the audience focused, alert and physically more comfortable.

  "It is a privilege to speak in front any audience and my only purpose is to
inspire hope and possibility in the hearts of every person"

 Susan with Brook Shield, Actor and Business Woman

 Susan being Coached by George Ross (Donald Trump's Advisor of 47 years)

 Susan talking with Dr Phil, Television Celebrity and Businessman.

 Susan talking with Mel Gibson Actor and Businessman 

The Talk of the Town: Emerging Trends

Success is based on fixed principles and an almost exact science. The causes and effects have been analyzed: are well understood with the correct methods and procedures, proven and well established - we know what works. Building wealth, once for a ‘chosen’ few, has now become possible for any individual who is prepared to follow the proven methods. The following 7 points are inspiring and informative topics to expand and captivate the mind of any audience:

  • Brain Game Mastery: Discover Your Mind's Superpowers for Success.
    In this dynamic session Susan explores the powerful connection between the human brain and mindset, emphasizing how your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes shape your emotions, actions and outcomes. Susan discusses the malleability of the brain and uncovers strategies for rewiring neural pathways and developing a
    'play to win mindset' to achieve extraordinary levels of success.

  • Harnessing the Power of Imagination: Ignite Creativity and Innovation.
    Susan discusses the fascinating realm of the human brain and its relationship with imagination. She explores the role of imagination in the creative process and its impact on problem-solving, ideation, and innovation imagination allows you to envision possibilities beyond current realities, stimulating innovative thinking and pushing the boundaries of what is possible: essential for lifestyle happiness and business success.

  • Embrace Your Authenticity: Discovering Self-Identity and Inner Worth.
    Susan explores the journey of embracing your authenticity, to uncover your true self-identity: to tap into your inherent worth. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, commitment, gratefulness, forgiveness and accepting your uniqueness.

  • Balancing Act: Mix it Up, Shake it Up with Food, Fitness and Fun.
    By focusing on the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, Susan uncovers practical strategies, (Including exercise, nutrition, lifestyle habits, breathing and mental health) and actionable steps, empowering participants to make positive changes for achieving optimal health for both the individual and the organization.

  • The Power of Progress: Reach Unparalleled Heights of Success.
    This explores the vital role of developing self in maximizing professional success. Susan delves into how investing in personal growth and self-improvement enables individuals to make better decisions, build effective relationships, and lead with authenticity: this directly translates into unlocking increased performance and untapped business potential.

  • Unveiling the Brand: Building a lasting impression.
    Susan discusses the intricacies of creating a strong and enduring brand. She explores the significance of authenticity and the DNA of a brand in shaping its identity and leaving a lasting impression on customers and clients. Authenticity involves aligning the individuals and/or organizations values, mission, and promises with its actions and communication. By staying true to their core identity, individuals and organizations can build trust, credibility, and meaningful connections with their target audience.

  • The Authentic Advantage: Competitive Edge for Growth and Success
    Susan discusses the dynamic interplay between transformation and transactional change: she empowers you to embrace the power of authentic growth, recognizing that true success lies in the harmonious fusion of personal transformation and strategic evolution. By embracing both the inner and outer dimensions, businesses can unlock their full potential, foster a culture of continuous growth, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

Susan having lunch in San Diego with John Assaraf, author and speaker of the 'Secret' and founder of NEUROGYM (Susan's former coach)

 Susan with Mark Wahlberg, Actor and Business Man and JT Foxx,, World's No.1 Wealth and Business Coach (Susan's coach) 

Susan having lunch with Marianne Williamson (USA presidential candidate)

Susan with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and inventor of the universal remote, his success secrets may surprise you.

Susan made me feel nurtured and comforted in the back row as she delivered her energy and expertise to a large room full of people. I was left wanting more but content with what I had discovered. If you have the chance to be in the same room with this amazing woman take it with both hands and enjoy the journey! - Wendy Cotton, business development, NUS enterprises

I have had the pleasure of attending Susan's 'MORE with the Power of Your Brain' Workshop. Her presentation was most useful in linking our state of mind to business positivity and ultimate success The examples she used and the reasoning she gave were precise and a catalyst for personal change. -Jim Wilson-Director/Principal Wilson Hayes Solicitors-Gold Coast  

To say we were delighted would be an understatement. Your professionalism, expertise and ability to engage the audience for the duration of the event, all 5 hours, was extraordinary and certainly exceeded all of our expectations. Your presentation was enlightening and carefully thought out and your final message, beautiful and appropriate.  

- Corinne Pettersen-Event Fund Raising-Harlow Loves Daisy, Fashion Designer

There are so many coaches out there and most try to create change in their clients but often fail to help make lasting change. Since the first time I spoke with Susan I knew she was different and a step above. Why? Because she truly cares, has tremendous experience in effecting change, intuitive and not afraid to shake up those old self-limiting and sabotaging belief's when needed. I would highly recommend Susan if you are looking to get busy and committed on changing your life.  

- Ivan Bisson - Entrepreneur, Boston, USA

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Susan is on the board of advisors for Rights Charity Ltd and one of the owners of the C.R.A. OP Shop situated at 1412 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt, 4215 Qld. Australia. https://childrensrightsaustralia.org

Caroline Barton with Hugh Hilton. Caroline is Susan's business partner and Director of Children's Rights Australia.

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